Wolf Walker

I think I need to explain.

I tend to say those first two words a lot. I think. Because, I have this brain and it likes to do this thing where is comes up scenarios and ideas and problems and solutions. So I tend to say... Continue Reading →


Write, right?

What to write when you don't know what to write, but you know you need to keep writing in order for you to accurately and cohesively string together a group of words in a manner that makes sense to other... Continue Reading →


I've written and deleted this post 3 times now because I can never find the right words to express my feelings towards my mother. My mother takes on various roles. Her attitudes change like the weather day in and day... Continue Reading →


I find baseball to be a misunderstood game. It get's a rep for being boring, slow, and worst of all, easy. Now I'm not a baseball player, I never played softball in school, hell, I don't even own a glove.... Continue Reading →

Empathy & Apathy

*Uh oh, she's at it again. Writing when she's feeling emotionally overwhelmed and overall very fed up with Twitter and everyone's antics on there* I want to begin with apathy, only because I've talked about myself and empathy before. Apathy... Continue Reading →

Spirituality and Belief.

I am as pessimistic as they come. I'm very much the glass half empty person, the person whose grandma is always telling them they need to go to church, and the person who takes things as they are, not as... Continue Reading →

Thank You.

I feel like over the past few weeks, I've been very much in my own head. I'm not sure if you can tell but that is very much a recurring theme. I tend to make that the subject of my... Continue Reading →


I would say I'm pretty decent at reading people. If someone's mood changes, I can usually pick up on it immediately and try to help them in some way or another to my best ability. During a conversation via text... Continue Reading →

That itch.

You know what I'm talking about. When you feel like you want to do something but you're not quite certain what that thing is. For a long time whenever I felt that itch, I would write. Now writing doesn't get... Continue Reading →

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