This is going to seem like overkill seeing as my first post was a 15 page short story. But this is something I constantly ask myself as the years have gone on and I continue to mutter the words, “I really enjoy writing”. Now when I say this I don’t mean I enjoy the process of writing, because I don’t. The hours of staring at a blank page, hoping inspiration bites. Or even worse, having an idea for a story you’re sure is going to be a breeze only to be stumped and not know where to start.

My start, begins in high school. This is where I was introduced to short stories and writing every day just to write and get the ideas flowing. My most creative stories came when I was a boyband obsessed teenager, who wrote mostly about love and romance, because at the time, that was all that was pitched to an audience like me. However, now that I’ve graduated college I’ve found myself wanting to write stories about what you don’t normally see. Girls who not only fight for love but fight for what matters outside of their own world. But man, is it difficult to write these kinds of stories. I find myself haunted with half ideas, most of which are too large to condense into a single story.

For now, my focus is Fiona. Getting her story out of the way was incredibly satisfying and I look forward to revisiting her in the prequel I’ve begun writing.

But back to why I came here. Why do I write? I’m not sure. I like the sound of keys clicking against a keyboard. I enjoy making stories for girls like my high school self who didn’t see any options for teenage girls being anything more than love struck. I write because I want these stories to exist for girls in the future. I want girls to be the hero in their own story, not the side character. I write because it gives me purpose while I try an figure out the greater things in life, like why fabric softener exists, what I want to pursue as a career and why I am so afraid of the unforeseen future.

I write because at least in one part of my life, I’m allowed to control everything. I can be every voice, control every movement and reshape what does not work out. Real life is not nearly as neat. But at least here it doesn’t have to be.