We all have different morning routines. Maybe some of us would use a word a little looser than routine but we all have something in the morning that resembles a fixed set of events that occurs during the hours immediately after we wake up.

Mine starts by putting my glasses on. If I’m walking around the house without my glasses on, then please don’t talk to me. I’m not yet awake. Then, I take my socks off. Yes, I sleep with socks on. Even in the summer. I have the coldest feet all year round and they are not here to be judged. I open the shades up, let in whatever light may be waiting for me outside my window and make my way down the stairs, right through both the living and dining rooms and into the kitchen.

Here is where I’m confronted with my first dilemma of the day. Ok dilemma is an exaggeration, its more of an early morning decision. But decisions aren’t meant for the early morning. So here we decide, while the Keurig awaits patiently, what mug do I use for my coffee? Do I use the shiny, red, ceramic one with the black circular logo and a skull and cross-bones brandished in the side. The big mug with the handle on the left side all the way up near the rim on the cup. Or do I use the black, matte one with a similar circular logo, this time in a light beige color, brandished with Nordic symbols. Today I go with the red one. Today I resonate with the skull and cross-bones.

I fire up the Keurig and impatiently watch as the steaming hot, rich, black, liquid falls into my mug, much faster than it had taken me to decide which mug to use in the first place. I can feel the heat of the liquid through the glossy red finish of the cup as I touch my lips to the top, take a deep breath and take on the day.

via Daily Prompt: Specific