*Obligatory eye roll*

Everyone wants their politics a certain way. Some people want it strictly from their favorite news reporting outlets. Some people enjoy it in their favorite movies or TV shows. Throughout history there as been nods to political issues in sports as well as in other sources of media, such as literature. Some people think politics has no place in areas such as sports, traditional media or literature.

One thing we can agree on is that politics is divisive. It very much separates us from one another, quite honestly, because there is no way to have the exact same opinion on every political issue ever to arise as someone else. They may be very similar, but to agree totally with someone is just not realistic. When we choose to voice these opinions across the internet, we inherently invite others to view and respond to our opinions. Just how they choose to do so and in what manner they articulate their opinions on the other hand, is entirely left up to how threatening to their own ideologies that person sees your opinion.

With that being said, I find that people have a hard time expressing their views without becoming personally attacked or defensive.  Especially when it comes to the internet, if you see an opinion you disagree with and want to express that, it becomes increasingly difficult to do so in less that 140 characters. Additionally, if you notice that this person has taken the time to personally attack others for their opinions, it may just be best to ignore them. Trolls are real, and they like to cause fights with strangers on the internet because they have nothing better to do with their time.

Remember this, if someone disagrees with your political views, it does not mean they are attacking you as a person. Although your political views may be close to your heart and you consider them a part of who you are, you must always remember that nobody has to agree with them. You can debate and try to get them to understand why you have come to adopt these ideologies but at the end of the day, they don’t have to agree with you. You can try to persuade them that your way of thinking is the correct way to view certain issues, but again there is no right or wrong way to have an opinion. Actually, I would like to amend that statement. There is a wrong way to have an opinion. If your opinion goes on to attack a person based on how they look instead of dismantling the integrity of their argument, then your opinion is automatically invalid. The minute you resort to cheap shots is when your argument is proven too weak.

Fight for what you believe is right. If they tell you to stop complaining, if they tell you it’s too late, if they try to deter you from fighting the good fight, mute them on Twitter and continue to do what you need to. Never let them silence you. A marketplace of ideas can only exist if the good get’s rid of the bad. So never let the bad ones keep you down, because they’ll keep going even after you stop. Keep on battling and although you may lose big battles, small victories are still needed.