Wolf Walker

Old Habits

It has been quite some time, hasn't it? I feel like this is constantly happening to me. I make the decision to stick to something, lose interest and then come back to it months (or in this case weeks) later... Continue Reading →


On how to deal with nerves.

I am probably the last person anyone would ask for advice on how to deal with nerves. I'm someone who has trouble with presentations, talking on the phone and meeting new people. That being said, I've come a long way... Continue Reading →


I'm 22. I graduated last year with a B.A. in Law & Society. I enjoy researching, writing, analyzing and reporting. I look at trends and see how they affect the lives of everyday citizens. This is what I enjoyed about... Continue Reading →


This is what I characterize my anxiety as. This is what haunts me when I leave the house and I don't plan situations accordingly. The unknown, the uncontrollable and the unknowable. This is what scares me. Situations where I don't... Continue Reading →


*Obligatory eye roll* Everyone wants their politics a certain way. Some people want it strictly from their favorite news reporting outlets. Some people enjoy it in their favorite movies or TV shows. Throughout history there as been nods to political... Continue Reading →


There is something strange about the way we perceive ice, both in literary terms and in our physical lives. Cold, hard, lonely, jarring, sharp, almost cutting into the skin as it makes the air so cold it's weaponized. I like... Continue Reading →

On why its important to keep going.

Again, this is going to be a personal one. I'm the kind of person who can only create through experience. Or exaggeration. So my stories come from, well, exaggerated experiences. Or secret desires. Or sometimes they are inspired by something... Continue Reading →

Morning Mug

We all have different morning routines. Maybe some of us would use a word a little looser than routine but we all have something in the morning that resembles a fixed set of events that occurs during the hours immediately... Continue Reading →

Why I Write.

This is going to seem like overkill seeing as my first post was a 15 page short story. But this is something I constantly ask myself as the years have gone on and I continue to mutter the words, "I... Continue Reading →

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